Sunday, 30 March 2014

Get To Know Me – 50 Random Facts

1- I have an irrational fear of butterflies…they don’t seem to have a sense of direction and I will always crouch into a ball and scream if one is near me.

2- I have a crazy obsession with Pandas…panda stuffed toys, jewellery, clothes, mugs…you name it…I‘ve got it!

3- Speaking of mugs, I have an insanely large collection of them that takes up an entire cupboard in my kitchen.

4- I have dual nationality…I was born in Tripoli, Libya but moved to the UK a month before my 2nd birthday.


5- I like dogs and puppies but I think I’m definitely a cat person (not so) deep down. I used to have a kitty called Kira and I hope to get one once I get my own place!

6- I have lived in 9 different cities/towns, and I was often the new kid at school who started in the middle of term.

7- I ADORE Disney, and I am ashamed to say I have never been to Disney Land or Disney World, I plan to go before I turn 25 otherwise I will feel like I have failed at life.

8- My favourite Disney princesses are Ariel and Rapunzel, and I defo have a crush on Prince Eric!

9- My favourite class in school was Art and Textiles.

10- When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut, then a flight attendant then I was certain I wanted to be an artist and work for Disney (still kinda wish I did!)

11- I wish I had taken a gap year after college before University to really decide on what I wanted to do, my heart lies with a fashion related career but I have a degree in Optometry.

12- I used to HATE coffee (the smell would make me nauseous!), but after I resorted to a cup to keep me awake whilst revising for my first year final exams, I ended up being a complete addict!


13- My favourite colour is turquoise…like that exotic beachy sea hue…B.E.A.UTIFUL!

14- I was supposed to be born on Valentine’s day but I was two days late.

15- My biggest pet peeves are people who eat with their mouths open and that ‘mmm’ whilst eating, rude people with no manners, people who never smile, being poked to get my attention, people who don’t know how to queue up, slow walkers, parents who won’t/don’t know how to control their crying/screaming/annoying kids, parents who bring their big ass pushchairs to small stores when the sales are on!

16- <<-- My favourite number.

17- I have an issue with public transport, it stresses me out so much because they increase the fares but never improve the system.

18- I am very indecisive.

19- It may seem like I dislike a lot of things (haha I promise you it’s not that much), but it’s just easier for me to say what I dislike/ don’t want than to list what I like or want sometimes.

20- I asked a for a Barbie doll for my 16th Birthday, which I got, and started some sort of trend where other girls in my year asked for the same haha.

21- I am a film fanatic and have a large collection of DVD’s. I also watch too many shows at once because I end up getting obsessed easily. Pea-ess does anyone else think Grey’s Anatomy’s soundtracks are just THE best!

22- I often pull silly faces in photos rather than just smile like a normal person, I’m not sure why haha, I guess I like fun pictures.

23- I think ironing is the worst chore, and if I need to get creases out I will just run my straighteners through it =/

24- I have naturally curly hair.

25- I wear glasses/contact lenses and I used to have braces.

26- I love to read, and I am slowly working through my (quite large) list of must-reads.

27- Chasing cars –Snow Patrol is one of my all time favourite songs.

28- Mexican food and sushi are my all time favourite.

29- I love things that aren’t their original size…okay so what I mean is, miniature versions of things (e.g. I have this teeny tiny casserole dish) and super-sized versions of normal objects (have you seen those massive martini glasses in home departments or big light bulb shaped lamps).

30- My favourite flower is an Orchid.


31- I used to think leather was made from the chests of gorillas and never understood why anyone would want to wear it. It used to think that for a long time… longer than I care to admit haha.

32- When I was a kid I used to think that whenever you took cash out of a cash machine, all your money you had in the bank was hidden behind the wall in like your own personal vault. Only when I came to realise that everyone else used the same cash machine did I figure out that wasn’t the case!

33- My favourite holiday is Halloween because I adore gimmicky foods and fancy dress.

34- When I was a child (around 9/10yrs) my hair was so long it reached my knees, and it was always in a long plait, a bit like Princess Jasmine’s.

35- I have two younger brothers.


36- I have quite a few nicknames but the most used is either Naps or Napa (after Aiya Napa..the place, geddit?)

37- I love giving gifts and really enjoy the process of wrapping them up and presenting them nicely.

38- I don’t really like talking on the phone (I’ll rarely answer the house phone..) I prefer talking in person or messaging.

39- I would love to design my own house, my uncles designed and built their own and they look amazing!

40- I don’t drink alcohol, I do love non-alcoholic Mojitos though. Anything lemonade-y to be honest…Sprite is the one!

41- I don’t eat hard boiled sweets because when I was about 6/7 years old I choked on one and still remember it vividly, I genuinely thought I was going to die. Every time I see one the feeling of choking creeps up!

42- I love peanuts, but this time last year I was happily munching on some chocolate covered peanuts whilst writing my dissertation in the library, and I choked on one (I promise I rarely choke on foods although it sounds like it happens often haha). The library was full of students in their little revision bubbles, so you can imagine how quiet it was, then suddenly you hear this horrid loud retching sound..something like a Godzilla mating call…yep, that was me…trying to breathe after this tiny peanut assaulted my throat. Guys, it was one of the most embarrassing things to happen to me! All I could think was ‘Oh my days, I can’t die in a library!’. What made it worse was that only one guy made a conscious effort to ask if I was okay, while I got a bunch of others just staring at me as if I was a freak…psht I don’t make ugly noises for fun! Safe to say I haven’t had a peanut in loose form for a’ll only be a matter of time though.

43- I love baking and cooking, I used to be bake at like 3am in the morning when I was living a hobo/student life. 


44- I took Drum lessons in high school.

45- When I’m going through a tough time or having a stressful moment in my life I write about it in my journal, I started keeping one last year, and it helps me so much. I’m not much of a talker so I find writing about problems or feelings is much easier and frees my mind a little. It’s not just full of negative things I also write about happy and proud moments I experience too. I recommend everyone to keep a journal, it’s soothing and also I’m also a sucker for sentimental things, knowing I can read it all back years from now.

46- I speak both English and Arabic. I did study As Level German, but I wish I remembered more of it. I also studied Spanish for a term at Uni, and aced the exam (I have no idea how, I barely knew what was going on) but I would like  to become fluent in it. I love Spanish…and Spanish footballers haha (Who’s with me!?)

47- I support Manchester United Football Club. Please no scoffing, I know we have had a excruciatingly rubbish season this year =[

48- I firmly believe that to have the best pizza experience you need a generous bowl of potato salad and some BBQ sauce to accompany it. YUM!

49- I’ve never broken any bones before …knock on wood I never do!

50- When I’m super bored I sit and draw some sort of cartoon character on Snapchat, once I drew the Mario brothers and the app completely failed me and only saved and sent part of the drawing, I was so upset!


Hope you enjoyed this post!

I want to hear 50 (or however many you can be bothered to do) random facts about you, and tag me in so I can have a nosy!


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Little Life Update

So I realise I am the worst wannabe blogger ever…probably. I find myself on a rare night where I’m not so utterly exhausted or busy to do anything productive on the www (world wide web). I’m currently in bed watching Grease (gotta love a bit of Danny Zucko) and nursing a stuffy nose and a sore throat with a glass of mango juice and a cinnamon swirl (I know such a weird combination but I wanted both things and well…the heart wants what the stomach wants haha) and so I’ve decided to give my blog a little attention!

So, I haven’t been neglecting you guys on purpose..I have been so utterly busy the past month and half or so. The main time-consuming change has been that I’m now working full time, 9-5, 5 days a week, so with the early mornings and (not so long) commute, it’s a far cry from my student days and the 6 month hobo lifestyle post graduation (tough time finding a job these days guys). I’m not typically a morning person, so I’m surprised I’ve adjusted so well to waking up at 6:30am daily, it does help that I end up falling asleep at half 9/ 10pm each night. Man do I love sleep!! Who’s with me!?

Anywhooo in between work and spending time with my family and friends, I’ve got studying to do (as my job requires it, training and all that malarkey) and I even managed to join the gym! Granted I haven’t been as often as I’d like, but it’s a start, I’ve been changing my eating habits and just lifestyle in general because I was getting sick of the sluggish feeling from eating rubbish, plus it’s time to get that beach bod as the warmer months are slowly creeping up on us here in the UK (I mean, it was lovely the past few weeks but this week has just been grey clouds, rain showers and nippy winds..ugh c’mon England…sort yourself out!).

Another thing that’s keeping me occupied is my room. I’ve been in the process of redecorating it for years, why years? Well because I get lazy or distracted or both, but it’s slowly getting there and turning into something I will be proud of (blog most to come soon!). I absolutely adore decorating and designing rooms, and do it often at home, I also love perusing home departments of stores and mentally planning how I will decorate my future house or apartment (I hope to get my own place at some point next year, but we shall see), I get super giddy when I find cute ornaments and kitchen utensils, is that sad?

So that’s roughly everything that’s been going on in my life the past several weeks and possibly rubbish reasons as to why I haven’t posted in a long time, I do plan on working on my organisation skills and sorting out some sort of posting schedule to try and stick to.

Hope over to my Bloglovin’ profile and follow my blog so you know when a new blog post is up! It’s free!

You can also follow my mundane and sometimes ranty take on life on Twitter and life updates in picture form on Instagram.

In the meantime here is a link to one of my favourite ever gifs, it’s called Forever Kittens.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentines Day

So Valentine’s day is tomorrow! Some people crave it, others could not give a care in the world. I don’t think you need a guy to spoil you or enjoy this Friday night, and neither should you (if you have a fella, well then forget what I just said that and milk V day for what it’s worth haha).

Whether you’ve just come out of a relationship or you’ve been single for a while…I’ve come up with 5 things you can be doing instead of crying over the fact no one is buying you a cheesy cute teddy bear and chocolates!


1. Get dolled up and go on a date with your girl friends!!

I’ve done this numerous times and it is so much fun…we go out to eat at a restaurant (our tradition is Frankie and Benny’s) and just have a good catch up. Seriously sit back and spot the couples who are on their first date (awkward moments are horrid/ funny to watch), and the couples who are not having the best time(seriously awkward!).
Don’t fancy a dinner? Go bowling…karaoke..a bar..whatever takes your fancy, the options are quite endless.

2. Have a pamper night!

Run a hot bath and pop in your favourite bath bomb, light a few candles, and get stuck in a good book (or catch up on pretty little liars or whatever TV show…or just take a nap). Slather on a hair mask and face mask and just take some time to just relax and treat yourself. Bliss!

3. Have a movie night!

Get your friends together or even your family and have a movie marathon. Must haves: Junk food and blankets! Film choice: well that’s up to you..comedies, chick flicks, horror…or just watch back to back Harry Potter (who doesn’t love a bit of HP!)

4. Treat yourself!

Since you aren’t going to be spending cash on an other half, spend it on yourself! Who doesn’t like a little materialistic pick me up. Grab yourself a gorgeous pair of shoes, new jewellery or even a manicure. 

5. Get into bed and sleep till the next day.

This is for those who have just got out of a relationship and don’t fancy doing any of the above, just live the hermit life! Get your pj’s on, make a green tea and just crawl into bed. You’ll forget all about this commercially glorified holiday in no time!

How are you guys gonna spend V day?
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